Are you tired of going to doctors, trying all kinds of medicines that don’t work, and just ending up confused and frustrated? 

It’s time to get answers.


Become afraid of the side-effects of most medicines and want to do something about it -

Bought supplements you read about - but they sit in your pantry half-used and you still don’t feel great?

That’s because you are not a machine.

The system you’ve been thrown into treats you like a machine that can be fixed by a pill. 

What is actually missing from this equation is YOU.

I’m inviting you on a holistic wellness journey with me, where we PULL YOU OUT of the machinery and into an experience of mind and body wellness.


Your Wellness Mentor - Julia Thie 

Creator of the Wellness Wheel System™️

Your voice matters. You’ve been in your body your whole life, no one knows you better than you.

I will always respect your intuition, I WILL CHALLENGE your future story. 

Here’s what we will do during your sessions...

During your first call we specifically focus on you; your problems and full case history, drilling down to the source of your biggest health challenges; mind, body and spirit.

In your next session, we’ll go over the plan I have custom designed to match your needs using safe, natural methods.

And on your third call, we make sure you are on track with a plan to enhance your continued results.

Case study: Angela turned 43 and her entire body started to change. Her weight kept rising, her mood was swinging and she felt so tired.

She did what had worked before; googled the research, found blog posts, then went off to Whole Foods and racked up a bunch of bills on herbs and pills but that didn’t really help. She felt lost. 

Next she went to a physician and tried the drug route and hormone replacement, and that didn’t work either. Something was missing... (sound familiar?)

Then she got help and guidance and used our natural SYSTEM of care that took into account her mind, body and sprit. Her doctor was amazed at how her health changed , 'Whatever your doing-keep doing it', he said. Her family noticed she wasn't angry with them for little stuff, and most importantly- inside herself- Angela knew what to do to feel better every day and discovered a new lease on life.

What is included

Three (3) thirty-minute recorded private calls

Case history health audit and discovery

Step by step walk-thru of your personalized care plan

7-weeks of personalized accountability toward your health goals

Extra Bonus: full access the Wellness Wheel System learning program!

Here's what you'll get...

Full recordings of your calls so you don’t have to take notes and can stay present during our time together, and you can get off and have access to it as many times as you need.  

Custom Action Care Plan your guide to milestone tracking and simplification of the first actions to take without overwhelm. Setting expectations and celebrations for your lasting success.  

Complete Regimen Resource Portal with links to dosages and duration based on my two-decades of experience with the best brands at the best prices to eliminate hunting for them and wondering about quality.  

And to prepare for your time with me, 

You'll get the Health Audit Tool which will get you clear and ramp you up for our time together. It also gives me your full case history so that we’re looking at a bigger picture and not just a list of symptoms.

For a limited time, get this personalized care offer for 997 (regularly $1,997)


What people are saying

Julia treats the 'whole person'. She takes time to listen to each and every problem and then devises a plan to help your body help itself to heal. I came to her as a skeptic, as a last resort several years ago. I ONLY WISH I'D BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO TRY IT SOONER.

Julia lives, teaches, and works from her soul’s passion in serving and giving of her knowledge. With each experience I have had with her I have brought away more wisdom and guidance for implementing health and wholeness in my life. It is always a gift to share time with Julia. Her willingness to share her own personal journey helped me put my challenge in perspective and allowed me to release something that had kept me shackled for years. Much gratitude Julia for your compassion, wisdom, and service to all.

People have called me a medicine woman, but I think of it as 'bridge building'. I blend science and spirit, so we see you as a whole person and bring you to the embodiment of full health - in a way that makes sense for you.

Let's Create a Wellness Plan 

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This plan is meant for educational purposes only. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the material presented and to experience the outcomes you create for yourself. This does not replace nor represent licensed medical care.  

This requires you to practice self-responsibility and mindfulness of your actions. Judge each suggestion and decide for yourself if it is the right fit for you. Always ask questions if you are not clear and modify as you need. Test each exercise or recipe and measure it to your OWN senses and judgment of how your body is responding. Go slowly, listen to your body and avoid over-doing. You can always add on more as you go.  

If you have any reactions, allergies or pain when engaging the suggestions, stop immediately and contact Julia or her staff in order to get feedback and adjustments for what may be more correct for you.  

Our team at Julia Thie - Inner Wellness Coaching is here to answer your questions and listen to any suggestions.  

Ultimately, when the power of choice belongs to YOU, it is an opportunity to gain confidence, voice and clarity in your own life. And THAT is a symptom of wellness!