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Your Coach - Julia Thie 

Creator of the Wellness Wheel System™️

  • Navigating the changes of midlife
  • Decreasing dependence 
  • Managing body emotion
  • Finding Joy in Wellness 

Change the way you use medicine Using old ways and new ways The shamanic and scientific 

Herbs. Supplements. Foods. Movement. Mindset. Meditation. 

Let's create a PLAN for you


Do you just want to get clear right now on what to do? 

Have you gone to doctors and other types of medicines and are still confused and not getting results?

Book your Power Hour to start your health transformation.

Here's what you get:

  • The Health Audit Tool to prepare for optimum results.
  • 50-minute recorded call or video so you won't miss a thing!
  • Custom Action Care Plan Report and Portal Link for clear action steps to eliminate guessing.  

$350 $300 Sale

Your voice matters. You’ve been in your body your whole life, no one knows you better than you.  

I will always respect your intuition, I WILL CHALLENGE your future story. 

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