Julia Thie, LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist, Naturopathic Scientist, & Wellness Coach

Finally Boost Your Energy, Shed Unwanted Pounds, and Protect Yourself from Disease with a (Doable) Lifestyle Routine that Feeds Your Body and Your Soul!

Learn the 5 Step Formula Acupuncturists Use with their Own Patients to Gain Vibrant Health – in a language you can understand.

Hey Wellness Warrior! 

Are you tired of all the fads that claim to heal your body and mind?

If that's a "yes!" which of these are true for you: 

● No matter what you do, you can’t get to your desired weight. 

● You’ve tried all the supplements you hear about and you don’t feel any different. 

● You feel sluggish and tired all the time and lost your “Pep.” 

● Your doctor feels more like a drug-pusher, and don’t want to fall into the prescription drug “quick-fix” routine. 

● You are overwhelmed by all the conflicting health advice and don’t know who to trust. 

● You’ve tried just about every diet and workout regimen and each time, you feel like you’ve failed.

I get it! And guess what? It’s not your fault 

I hear these problems all the time in my practice. Science has shown that hormone resistance, pollution, and over-stimulus have given our generation a set of unique challenges that modern medicine is having trouble treating successfully.

If you can relate with any of this, I have a real (and lasting) solution for you...

Introducing The Wellness Wheel System– The program that gives you the holistic formula for how to reset your metabolism, lose inches, clear your skin... and make you feel happier.

This is the five step formula that will put an end to your weight gain, lack of focus and energy, overspending on unnecessary products AND that underlying gut-feeling that you are just out of balance and don’t know how to get it back.

This proven formula is what I teach my patients, and within just 90 days, they were able to reset their metabolism, lose 2-to-6 inches in their waistline, enjoy clearer skin, and feel happier, calmer and more connected to their body! 

The tools are simpler than you think. And if you start now, you’re total reset can happen as soon as 2 weeks. But let’s be clear, this is not a “magic pill” type of answer. Because there’s really no such thing. YOU are a part of the medicine. 

Other acupuncturists know how challenging it is to relay this in-depth information to people so they can make work on their own. But now I’ve put it all in one place for you, and giving you the insider track. 

This can all change for you.  

Imagine you wake up feeling flexible and your head's clear. You easily get your day started and you feel your steady energy keeping you going. Your body and mind have become allies instead of the enemy. 

I have mapped this out so you can experience this first-hand. The truth is that this is a totally learnable system! 

Learn the techniques and how they fit into a design that fulfills your natural born needs and creates repeatable results.

Learn and experience medicine in traditional and non-traditional ways. What you are getting is the perspective that blends these two. My undergraduate study in human performance and nutrition plus four years of traditional Chinese medical post-graduate training mixed with many years as an herbalist, artist and the recovery from addiction and trauma of my own. 

I have a unique perspective and system to heal not only the body, but also the spirit. Why? Because this is one of the secrets to creating lasting change, rather than just another new way to lose weight or mask pain. 

I have known Julia Thie over 18 years. Her understanding of herbal medicine extends not only to the plant's form and properties, but to the relationship people ​develop with their ability to heal. Julia's strength lies in her desire to connect and share with others. She passes along her experience and what she knows generously with humor, sincerity, and grace.

Linda Modaro, L.Ac , Sati Sangha Director and Meditation Teacher

What are the benefits?

● Feel confident in knowing how to take care of your health with professional guidance. 

● Become the master of your mind and feel centered and connected in your body. 

● Regain energy and zest and set your creativity free. 

● Learn what you are capable of and feel self-acceptance like never before! 

● Prevent illness, look and feel great and get more benefits than you bargained for.

The Wellness Wheel System™ is a 5-step system that will:

  • Give you steady get-up-and-go thru the day by showing you how to manage your energy. 
  • Lessen your pain, inflammation and digestive discomfort.
  •  Motivate you to finally make the changes you keep talking about.
  •  Help you lose weight safely - avoiding the pitfalls of fad dieting. 
  •  Lower your anxiety and stress with tools that are proven to work immediately. 

The mainstream is catching up with medicines which engage the mind-body connection that have stood the test of time. 

Oakley Ray, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Psychiatry and Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University said, “According to the mind–body or biopsychosocial paradigm, which supersedes the older biomedical model, there is no real division between mind and body because of networks of communication that exist between the brain and neurological, endocrine and immune systems.” 

Also, we now understand how the chemicals of the body respond to chronic stress and why it is dangerous to ignore it. We know the presence of self-esteem has it’s own proven healing power to ward off viruses, and that our diets play a huge role in how we age. 

According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of people today depend upon herbal medication as a component of their primary healthcare. But do they have guidance to use it? From whom? 

That’s what I’m here to do. 

Julia has the insight and expertise to clearly communicate the connections between Eastern and Western concepts. Thus, she brings a truly integrated awareness to the table. She is compassionate and skilled and finds joy in helping people gain understanding into their own processes.

Kay Blackwelder, MS, Youth Counselor

The Wellness Wheel System™ Virtual Health Camp for the Young at Heart  

Here's what you get:

Four Recorded Group Coaching Calls - get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! In this collaborative environment learn from the insights of others without being “put on the spot” if you don’t wish to.

Audio Visual Learning Library - guidance from Julia you can use anytime to plug and play! 

Personal Health Survey Tool™ - measure your progress using the best markers to know you are on the right track.

The Nutritional Keystone Guide™ - get an expert view of what supplements and foods you really need, and don’t need, based on Julia’s twenty-five years of experience in naturopathic science.

Expressive Wellness Journey Pack™ - your interactive guide that reveals the secret to keeping your mind-body connection intact! 

Custom Action Care Plan™ - Easy to follow strategy we develop together to match your personal supplement, activity and emotional needs Know what you really need to stay on track and get the best results with the least effort! 

Julia Thie is a kind, sincere, compassionate and very genuine person. As a registered nurse and a person who has a chronic illness, I have not only learned about various healing practices but I have also experienced them first hand. Julia is very knowledgable in her field. It is apparent to me she continues to study and learn on a consistent basis. Therefore, it is clear her love of sharing knowledge and the art of healing is paramount to her very existence.

Kim Sillyman, Artist & Nurse

Wellness Wheel System Modules

Module 1 - The Journey Map

Get personalized guidance from a Naturopathic expert, with access to my treasure trove of fast-track tips and tools to advise and guide you safely through the 5-step system. This is where you get out of the commercial “health advice” maze with clear direction and professional guidance. 

The Journey Map will uncover the gap in medicine and keep you from falling in! This is where you’ll learn what products are doing more damage than good and why trying too hard can actually harm you. Find out what supplements really work and which are useless. 

Learn how to apply the right tool at the right time to avoid overwhelm and get the most bang for your buck!

Module 2 - Regain Your Energy

Get out of sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety, appetite “malfunction” and needless muscle pain and weakness. Start feeling satisfied! 

Gain a sense of power knowing you are not deprived and starving while trying to get “healthy”. Learn to nourish what is essential to your to mind and body! Discover the #1 cause of pain, emotional instability and heart disease. 

The Nutritional Keystone Guide™will get you Get clear on what’s really needed to feel restored and rejuvenated by changing the old rules that aren’t working. Replace them with a new approach that feeds your needs so you can function with all systems go! 

Module 3 - Body Age-Reversal

Free-up your body to decrease pain and increase natural function without spending an hour at the gym. Get a new lease on life by changing the way you approach exercise. 

Whether you liked gym class or hated it, by tapping into your body’s hidden resources thru specific types of movement and breathing you will love the way you feel. Discover the Expressive Wellness Technique TM and what happens to your mind and body when you tap into your energy flow. Stiff joints, achy muscles, gut troubles, and that “stuck-in-a-rut” feeling dissolve.

 In this module you will learn to apply the right amount of effort to improve nutrient delivery and utilize your most abundant creative power. 

Module 4 - Defuse the Time Bomb 

Your Hidden Health Allies. Resolve the conflicts that hide underneath the surface and keep you sick. 

Discover the cures no one is telling you about. Improve hormone balance, gut health and gain emotional control. Disarm the triggers that create the common symptoms that are often mistreated with harmful drugs. Bring to light the body’s underlying strife and transform it. 

Turn on the right kind of immune response to match your environment! Unblock your pure emotions, help your body get in the present moment and allow healing to happen. 

Module 5 - Hormone and Gut Total Reset

Catch fewer colds, heal faster! Keep cancer, diabetes, and other diseases away Discover how leaky-gut causes IBS, allergies, and all the “power drains” that zap your energy and keep you from your goals. 

Strengthen your protective barriers and learn how to “heal your field”. Work with the natural boundaries you were born with and how your body is made to heal. Get out of the anti-histamine trap and back into a right relationship with nature. 

This is where you build resilience to rampant diseases that are affecting more and more of us each day. 

Module 6 - Activate Your Fountain of Youth

Lose weight, get acute mental focus and ramp up your confidence. 

Develop and boost your metabolic power by overcoming self-defeating beliefs and other troubles that bog you down by gaining real muscular and psychological strength. Light the fire in your belly and turn your food into fuel. Get your receptor sites CLEAR and start allowing nutrients to get absorbed. Become able to care for yourself as you do for others. 

Learn how to let go of old “stuff” and ideas that hold you back and uncover your effective, purposeful, true self and get a natural face-lift!

Module 7 - Making it Stick

Get out of the endless cycle of making and breaking resolutions and learn the secret to creating sustainable wellness. You’ll know your body’s unique needs and address how they fit in the flow of your life from season to season. 

Dismantle the common sabotages and gain a preventative mindset to set your life up for success. Wrap yourself in community support and joyful practice. Take the personal gifts you have and turn them into a powerful force for change. 

Your health is the gateway to your new life. 

When I participated in one of Julia's classes on the Five Elements, it was as if I was learning it for the first time. Her instruction and description of this familiar subject made such clear sense to me as I've never understood it before. Her teaching ability is so easy to understand that I found myself totally captivated and wanting to learn more.

Merry Linden, Massage Therapist

The Secret Recipe Box

Shopping lists for easy meals, essential oil and herbal formulas and remedies for common problems - that you can make yourself! 

You get lifetime access and updates to the SRP and stay in the know and in the flow!

Plus! If you are one of the first three people to jump on this life-changing opportunity, you’ll receive a BONUS half-hour private coaching call with me!

Rather than continue spending your money on gym memberships, private trainers and fad programs, you can now have access to an entire lifestyle system designed for lasting knowledge and success.  

This is not only less than the cost of an average American's annual prescription bill, but it gives you a way to prevent and possibly reverse illness and drug dependency for good! 

Pay in-full and you get THE EMOTIONAL FLOW WORKBOOK™ as an Additional Bonus!

Julia is a cheerful and charming teacher; but, more than that, she has so much knowledge and experience to share! Her compassion and concern for my wellbeing and that of my loved ones, shows through powerfully.

Laraine Crampton, DAOM, LAc , Yo San University Doctoral Program Dean

Who this is for...

  •  This course is for people who want to get the most out of life.
  •  You want to feel better and look better, naturally. 
  •  You are interested in medicine that doesn’t have dangerous side effects. 
  •  You’ve tried to use natural remedies without much result and you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. 
  •  You see all the press about about holistic and natural living, but you can’t seem to get anything started.
  • You’ve grown disgusted by your doctor’s advice and you’ve lost faith in the system. 

Who this is NOT for…

  • People who don’t want to change. 
  • If you are not willing to take responsibility for your attitude or behavior. 
  • You are not interested in learning about yourself. 
  • If you just want to take a pill to suppress a symptom. 
  • It is not for those who prefer to surrender choice to someone else. 

A proven holistic blend of science and psychology to nourish your body and soul.

This is where I take you by the hand and become your guide. Have your own advocate for the problems and confusion you’ve been experiencing.

I believe your health is governed by two things. 

#1 - An inner intelligence that is abundant and larger than our minds can conceive. A vital power that makes the spark of life in each moment. This is not for anyone to give to another, it is everywhere all the time, unconditionally.

#2 - Your health is governed by is your relationship to that power. How you polish the “container” it’s in. How you behave, what you believe and the way you engage with the world. This is what you have choice over.

It is my job to ask you the right questions for you to discover your relationship to this innate health is already there (it just needs polishing). 

I have studied and practiced for decades in the medical sciences and natural healing arts. I have taken great effort to consolidate what I’ve learned in my curious journey to benefit your life in a practical and beneficial way.

Here’s to your transformation,

A gifted teacher and healer, Julia Thie has been a blessing to me.

Patrice R.

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Get ready to be inspired!

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The Wellness Wheel System™, I’ve developed from 25 years working with my own patients, is proven to dramatically improve your immune system and prevent chronic illness. 

Don't miss out! 

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What if I don’t have time to keep up with the material? You have forever-access to the course with no time limit. You can do modules at your own pace- and repeat them when you need to. 
  • Do I need to have computer skills to take this course? You do not need to be a “techie” to be comfortable using this program. In the orientation, we walk thru the directions very clearly and are available by email to help you if you get stuck.
  • What if I don’t use Facebook? We have our own private discussion in the Wellness Wheel course portal in addition to the FaceBook group.
  • How to do use the money back guarantee if I’m not satisfied with the course? If for ANY reason you need to stop your participation in the course within the first 20 days, send us an email requesting a cancellation and your money will be refunded with no questions asked.
  • What if I’m on medications or have physical limitations? Will I be able to follow the system? Personal modifications is what makes this system great. You’ll complete a Health Survey that is reviewed and any concerns about safety issues will be addressed so you can feel confident in every action you take.

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